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[IP] diabetes diagnosis

     >>Anyhow, how did they diagnose diabetes (for what it was worth) 200 
     >> years ago before lab tests were around? The poor old physician 
     >> would taste your urine I believe!!!
     > You are absolutely correct. Sounds like an echo. I don't think it 
     > was 200 years ago they did that.
     > Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
     OK OK....
     Being one of the longer timers on this list I'll admit the truth (and 
     I think Ted, Buddy and a few others are in the same camp).
     When we was diagnosed they put us out onto the lawn and watched the 
     numbers of small insects (ants in my case, I believe) 'going for' my 
     diaper!!  This was my father's clue that 'something' was amiss down 
     there (as well as wet).
     Actually, I remember when I first went to diabetic camp (NJDA) which 
     had to be in mid '60s, they had an early early dextrometer from AMES 
     which they used when we was REALLY REALLY sick...
     Yerachmiel Altman

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