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I don't do any type of martial arts, but here are my thoughts:

Pumping will let you "skip" the meal until you are finished with the
exercise, or have just a small snack if you want, prior to your workout. It
should have a tremendous effect on how you feel prior to working out and
during the activity.

You are also able to reduce the amount of insulin being delivered by the
pump on a continuous basis (called the "basal rate") which will let you
closely match your insulin requirements to your exercise routine and
schedule. This should allow you to maintain good BG levels during and after
the exercise. Most people find this is the case for them.

Getting kicked in the infusion site would be a concern - more so with the
metal needle infusion sets than with the "soft" type of infusion sets. In
either case, you would not want a kick directly on the site where the set
is located. This would certainly not be fatal, but might be uncomfortable.

Others here should also have some ideas on this.

Bob Burnett

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