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Re: [IP] Lori and exercise ... again

> I know that the books all say to expect the opposite effect, and lots
> of people use *lower* temp basal rates. But does anyone else see the
> same effect as Lori and I?
> Janet
> email @ redacted

Yes, I have found that if I lower my basal even slightly while
exercising, my BG goes through the roof.  Instead, I try to eat a high
protein meal before any extended exercise and have a light snack before
any brief exercise.  I've found that this works much better.  Another
interesting note.  If I have a very active day, I tend to get low the
following morning rather than during the activity.  I'm still trying to
find the best way to cope with this.  It seems that on the day after
exercise I don't have the usual dawn phenomenon, so my increased basal
at this time can send me into a hypo.  I've been changing my basal rate
profile, but this is a huge hassle, and sometimes I forget to change it
back.  Any suggestions?
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