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Re: [IP] iron

Hi Michelle-

My last two blood tests revealed low iron.  The dr. (not my
endocrinologiest) said I was anemic and should take iron supplements and eat
more red meat.  I'm on a low protein diet due to high levels of protein in
my urine.  Kidneys are ok so far but showing some wear and tear from 21
years of diabetes.  I've been taking iron supplements for a few months now.
We'll see how the next blood test turns out.

Becky D.

Michelle Rands wrote:

> I got my blood test back from the dr and it says my iron levels are fine
> but that i am anemic...any ideas??? could this be something diabetes
> related also??  Michelle Piper at email @ redacted
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Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted

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