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Re: [IP] Inserting IFsets

In a message dated 98-03-02 13:58:46 EST, you write:

> I have a quetion - I use the silhouette infusion set. Are you supposed
>  to bolus after it is inserted to fill the cannula? I have been on the
>  pump for one month. So this is new for me. Most people say the abdomen
>  is most confortable, which I have found to be true. what other cites are
>  confortable? I tried fifferent areas around my hips and backside, but
>  they sometimes hurt. Could it be because it is too close to muscle?
>  (I am slim and muscular) I need some advice, please.

Yes, bolus about 0.4 units to fill the cannula with the silhouettes.  And yes,
the pain is caused by inserting too close to, or into muscle.  Is there
anyplace on your abdomen where you can "pinch up" some skin.  This is the best

Mary Jean
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