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[IP] Lori and exercise ... again

From: Janet Wiener <email @ redacted>
Lori -- 

You aren't the only one for whom exercise has "weird" effects.  I also
find that I can't lower my basal rate for exercise -- rather, I need
to keep it the same, and often need to bolus as well. Otherwise I run
high and higher. The paradox is that once I bolus, I do have to eat
(and about double what the bolus would normally cover). But if I don't
bolus, I'm high. Here's what happens in more detail:

1. I go swimming. If I start out with normal bg, I disconnect the pump
and eat 30-60g CHO. I swim 45-60 min, and usually can end with normal
bg. Then I have to bolus not just the basal rate that I missed, but
about 1.5 * it. (Eg, my basal is 0.5 units/hr, so I have to bolus 0.8
or 0.9 for the 75 min I was disconnected to swim and shower.) Running
is about the same for me: although I don't disconnect, I do need to
keep the same basal rate. 

2. I dance for 3-4 hours. When I tried a temp basal rate of 0.4, I
shot up to the 300s (without eating!) in 3-4 hours. If I keep the same
0.5 basal, but don't bolus or eat, I end up in the 200s after 3-4
hours. If I do bolus, I also must eat but I only need about 1/3 the
usual insulin:carb ratio and I stay in the normal range. 

The one exception here is that if I'm dancing all weekend, 10-12 hours
per day, then I lower my nighttime basal from 0.7 to 0.5 (the same
rate as during the day).

I know that the books all say to expect the opposite effect, and lots
of people use *lower* temp basal rates. But does anyone else see the
same effect as Lori and I? 

email @ redacted

email @ redacted
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