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Re: [IP] iron

Hi Michelle,
I have fought with anemia for many yrs, had more GI tests than I care to
remember 8-/  It wasn't until I went to a hematologist this past yr that it
has been resolved. He discovered that I had H-ylori and pernicious anemia.
After treating those and still having anemia he decided to try IV iron.
Even though my iron levels were ok the Drs kept thinking I had iron
deficiency anemia....don't ask! The IV iron didn't make a difference
either. He finally decided to check my EPO level which is a substance made
by the kidneys that stimulates the bone marrow to manufacture RBCs....mine
was at 7, where normal was >25. I am now taking ProCrit twice a week, by
injection (can't seem to get away from those shots, even with being on the
pump) My latest Hgb was 12.4, first *normal* in 10 yrs!! Apparently it was
due to the diabetes and for the *first* time no Dr was blaming it on the
diabetes when they actually should have.
It is a simple blood test that you might ask for, the meds are very costly,
luckily my insurance covers it, just not the syringes to inject with...go
Good luck getting to the bottom of it.
Take care,
email @ redacted

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