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Re: [IP] Urine testing

Hmmm, I thought that the 'normal' renal threshold for glucose was around 180
mg/dl.  Mine has krept upwards over the years (kidneys getting tired), and
is about 220 now, but I can't imagine that a healthy child wouldn't spill
until 300.  Do children have a higher threshold than adults for some reason?

This is of great interest to me, because I have a 7-year-old that we're
watching closely for any signs of the disease.  We have him tested yearly
for Islet Cell Autoantibodies (ICA's), and do monthly urine tests as well
(usually after he eats something sugary).

Can anyone shed any light on this renal threshold question?

At 23:25 2/28/98 EST, Mary wrote:
>When I first suspected diabetes in my then 4 year old(he was drinking and
>urinating ALOT), his urine was tested and it came back negative for ketones
>and sugars..our doctor told us it was behavioral and sent us home...The
>threshold for blood sugars to spill into the urine is 300(clearly diagnosable
>as diabetes)...If our doctor had just done a blood sugar check( a simple
>finger prick wouldn't make a child go bezerk), our child wouldn't have landed
>up in the ICU at children's hospital for three days..He was diagnosed a week
>and a half later with blood sugars of 1200...
>I would have rather he'd gone a little bezerk a week and a half earlier.

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