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RE: [IP] Lori and exercise ... again

I increase my basal because if I don't, my bgs slowly increase and about 4 hours after exercise I am about 200 with 3+ ketones.  Normally I don't spill any until at least 300.  My exercise time is 11:45 am.  This first increase happens at about 4.  I have gathered bgs at a minimum every hour (one day I did 1/2 hours to make certain that a low wasn't slipping by).  I gathered scads of data, but right now, if I want to exercise I have to increase my basal.  Yes to your other question, I have read all of Pumping Insulin.  It was only after I decreased my intensity level that I could manage to keep away from the problems even with the increased basal.  Now I begin to fall at about 4, so I enter a second temporary basal that is a few tenths (.2 - .3) less than my normal.  The exact level varies and depends upon how fast I am falling.

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I am having difficulty trying to understand why you increase your basal rate
before exercise when all the sources I have re: exercise say to decrease the
basal because that is what your body would do if your beta cells were
functional.  This may be the cause of running low on the next day.  Have you
checked out the exercise chapter in John Walsh's book Pumping Insulin?
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