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Re: [IP] Laser Surgery - How Long Does It Take For The Blood To Clear?

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

>As for Buddy's eye getting all red in the white...what he doesn't tell you
>that the doctors eventually had to punch his lights out to get him tied
>the chair.  No, really, I have heard of this, BUT ONLY with people who get
>anesthesia shots.  I have had only 1 with anesthesia and 1 was more than
>enough thank yew very much - I'll take the hammer blows.

    Them narrow and skinny little people were trying to put that shot in my
head! You right. I was totally against it!!!!! Did everything in my power to
stop them and I'll bet that skinny little nurse was sore for a week! LOL
    My friend that committed "sideways" one year ago today ( March 1st 97)
had so many laser shots to both of his eyes that he told of having to have
his eyeballs removed from their sockets and the scars literally scraped off
the backside! I have no idea if this is the case, I was not there but he
never lied to me about anything else.
    Sara . . . . .  send picture so I may have proof of the loss of the
"porker syndrome". If you make it a PCX we can all see it.  . . . . . . . .
.  Yea, give it your best shot. I dare you.  Sure did miss you.

Buddy  '-) email @ redacted

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