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Re: [IP] Urine testing

In a message dated 98-03-01 15:38:06 EST, you write:

<< Thought you'd like to know that you 'do' have to restrain some kids to 
 get a finger stick (as in 'hold them down'). Yeah, I know it doesn't 
 really hurt, but some of them have an unreasonable of anything resembling 
 a needle. >>


I know all too well about restraining children for finger sticks(Chris was 4
when diagnosed and not always a willing participant in his diabetes care,
shots or sticks)
Sometimes its necessary to do things that hurt to our children to keep them
Would you refrain from immunizations against any number of childhood diseases
just because they're afraid of the injection?? I certainly hope not.

It would have been easier and alot less frightening for him to have done a
finger stick(restrained and all) then to have been in the hospital with IV's
and  cardiac monitors(you get the picture, I hope).

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