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[IP] lasers/RITA


I dont know if you got any repsonses...and this may be too late, but avoid
heavy, pounding exercise, like running - walking is OK, stationary bike, low
impact aerobics - do not weight lift and, really running should be
questionable - ask your doctor.  

After my first laser with my doctor in FL, I asked about "sex."  He said that
"marital activities" were OK - I didn't know if to be  mad at him for assuming
I was married, or assuming that I was Catholic and that I'd only have marital
activities with my spouse - now if he meant normal spousal arguments, plate
throwing and cleaning beard stubble out of the sink, well OK...these days, of
course, being the single celibate person I am, I dont have to worry whether
sex is a problem for just lasered eyes...how is it for healing stomach scars?

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