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[IP] HypERthyroidism

These endocrine gland diseases ARE all related and very typically if you have
one you probably will brush with a few others.  In 1981, at age 18, I also had
Hyperthyroidism (Grave's Disease...which was mistaken for Hypo thyroidism for
a while, since THAT runs in my mom's family (she and my sister take
synthroid).  Back then, I was a 2-shot a day girl, a once every 2 week pee
checker, and EXTREMELY active highschooler.  I was obviously over
insulinating, cuz I was a chunky little porker - well, it seemed that way to

I was told I was VERY VERY sick and that there was NO WAY I was going to be
going to Europe the upcoming summer (graduation present), among other
terrifying possibilities.  I was literally scared to bits by the quack doctor
- this was the first time I ever turned my back on a doctor and walked out
slamming the door, thus depriving myself of the choice words my mother
undoubtedly threw at him (Dr. Beshore, Luthern Medical center, Denver CO.  I
went to another one at CU Medical Center who was less panicked, who said yes,
I was sick, but that it wasn't an alarming thing, yes I could go to Europe,
and upon my return was placed on a drug called propathyrauricil (SP).  I took
it for one year and then one day was called by the doctors office and told to
stop taking it, that my thyroid was now LOW.  I was in remission

Ever since, I have a thyroid panel done every year, and so far...remission.
If it comes back then I may have to consider alternative treatments -
hopefully a bare yer bum enemy isn't one of the suggested alternatives - I'll
let the graves disease make my eyes bug out before I'll let one of them  do it
for me!

Sara *-)  who is slowly but surely catching up on the VOLUMES of mail I have
received - egad!!!
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