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Re: [IP] Laser Surgery - How Long Does It Take For The Blood To Clear?


I know you have had lots of responses, but heres my $2 worth, having had A LOT
of laser and a vitrectomy...

The black you are seeing may not be from a NEW bleed - you just might have
stirred some of it up by doing something strenuous or stressful.  The black
will tend to drift UPWARDS in your eye as it settles.  To help speed this
along, try sleeping with a ocuple pillows under your head.  Don't bend over
and try not to lift things that are too heavy.  As I understand it, hopefully
this will someday (sooner is better than later) be reabsorbed, but til then it
can cause pulling of the vitreous which can in turn cause more bleeds - kinda
a vicious  circle.

As for Buddy's eye getting all red in the white...what he doesn't tell you is
that the doctors eventually had to punch his lights out to get him tied into
the chair.  No, really, I have heard of this, BUT ONLY with people who get the
anesthesia shots.  I have had only 1 with anesthesia and 1 was more than
enough thank yew very much - I'll take the hammer blows.

Sara *-), whose doctor amazing says "here is still room for a lot more laer if
it is necessary"...and if I have any more of them "bare yer bum enemies," I
may need it!!!  (that's "barium enemas" for them that don't gets my sense of

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