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[IP] Hypothyroidism


I wonder if anyone else has run across my situation:  My doctor did a thyroid
antibody test when I first switched to him.  It showed up positive for thyroid
antibody but negative for thyroid disease.  He said this indicated that my
body was beginning to reject my thyroid and was an indication of future
thyroid disease.  Since that time I have been taking .025 mg of Synthroid
"prophylactically". (I managed to suppress my smile when he said that.)  This
has been about three or four years now.  My dose has stayed the same the whole
time.  I felt a lot better when I began taking the pills, more energy, nicer
person, etc.  But this also coincided with the time that I went from 2 shots
of 70/30 a day to 4 shots of R and NPH mix.  I've never been sure exactly
which of the two made me feel better.  Probably a combination of both.  

There was an excellent article in the June 1995 issue of Forecast about the
link between type I diabetes and other autoimmune disease. It stated that
people with diabetes are about 5 times as likely as non-diabetic people to
develop thyroid disease.  Women have twice the risk as men.  It also said that
about half of people with thyroid autoantibodies (what I have) will eventually
develop thyroid disease.  I have saved this issue of the magazine for this
article. If anyone would like to know more, let me know.

Mary Jean
email @ redacted

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