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Re: [IP] Urine testing

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Meld2jpd wrote:

> In a message dated 98-03-01 02:44:02 EST, you write:
> << The threshold for glucose in your urine if you have normal kidneys is 
>  around 160-180 give or take a little.  >>
> sorry to differ here, Michael, but the literature we recieved at time of our
> son's dx from joslin diabetes center states that blood sugars can go as high
> as 300 before spilling into the urine...clearly at diagnosable blood sugar
> levels.
> <<There isn't much that can be done at any stage of diabetes 
> onset with the present medical knowledge. As far as I know there is no 
> damage done initially that is not done anyway. So what is the point of 
> screening everyone with a blood test that won't stop the disease?>>
> they have recently lowered the diagnosable blood sugar level so that treatment
> can be started earlier...with a benefit of a longer honeymoon period to help
> delay the onset of complications...the point isn't to screen everyone, only
> those at high risk or with signs and symptoms..earlier diagnosis with our son
> would have meant a shorter hospital stay and a less scary situation for all of
> us...i wasn't referring to DPT studies(which I sincerely don't feel are worth
> it) i was referring to a simple finger stick like i'm sure that your daughter
> must do several times a day when signs and symptoms are already present....no
> one in this day and age should be diagnosed at 1200..he went into severe DKA
> and almost died. a simple blood sugar test could have prevented this....
Thought you'd like to know that you 'do' have to restrain some kids to 
get a finger stick (as in 'hold them down'). Yeah, I know it doesn't 
really hurt, but some of them have an unreasonable of anything resembling 
a needle.

> BTW...Chris is soon to be pumping!!!(this summer, when school is out and we
> don't have to deal with a new piece of equipment and the school at the same
> time!!)

Congrats! You're doing the right thing. But..... DON'T wait.  His life 
will be infinetly easier with a pump (your too). Take if from one who 
knows. I'm sure I speak for the other parents on the list.


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