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[IP] Urine testing is STILL stupid

Hi y'all - this is kinda long

I was the one who said that urine testing was stupid when finger pricks are so
easy.  MOST kids really don't go berserk, UNLESS their parent freaks them out
in advance.  I "do" just about every kid I come in contact with, just cuz they
all see me do it - at rehearsal, babysitting, with family etc. and most kids
are curious little buggers.  I show it doesn't hurt.  I gross them out by
sucking on the blood and saing yum - they giggle, then I say, "ya wanna try?"
If there is any hesitation, I make sure it isn't due to FEAR - I show them the
nice clean lancet they get, I tell them they can keep the strip as a souvenir,
I let them poke me with the lancet device (and try not to grimace in pain when
they push it down so hard the lancet hits BONE), I tell them the range they
are shooting for (and show them my result saying "beat that sucker.).  

Mainly this applies to the kids I love - my neice and nephew and cousins.
Since diabetes obviously runs in my dad's family, and if I have been unable to
convince them to get that antibody test at the doctor to find out if they have
the antigen that may or may not "predict" diabetes, then I will be a PRO
"lemme test ya" person.  My sister Erin said Sam was drinking and peeing lots,
was real thin, but her doctor said dont worry about it.  He said if the
symptoms continued and she was still worried, she could come in for a urine

Sam has been around my pump and my meter since DAY 1 (WHICH IS TODAY BY THE
WAY 1993) when he was 2 years old.  He has done my blood tests, he has
programmed my pump to give a bolus (I watched over his shoulder...) he was
familiar with the tube sticking out of me.  When Erin told me what the doctor
had said, we were in Chicago together (just before the appendix disaster) and
I said I'd check him with my meter.  For some WEIRD reason, he was freaked!
His little sister did it with no prob...Erin did it, I did it, I used all the
tricks in the book.  I figure he had heard his mom talking to the doc or she
had somehow  conveyed her concern and he was just scared that he might have to
do all that stuff Aunt Sara had to do.  He didn't want to have the finger
prick and all the cajoling in the world on my sisters part, and all the
explanations and promises of NO PAIN (which is what he SAID was the reason)
made no affect.  He got to the point of holding the poker and was about to do
it a couple times, then ran.  FINALLY he did it.  He giggled and said "oh yeah
-  that doesnt hurt - I forgot."  He watched the numbers tick down and then
proudly announced 116!  He knew that was good.  

Since this was done mid afternoon after fruit roll ups, juice and god knows
what they picked up off the carpet, I asked if we could do it the next day
again when they got up...SURE - NO PROBLEM for Sam (age 7) or Jordan (age 4).
They begged to do it the rest of the afternoon, but I owuldn't let them
(limited lancets).  Then unfortunately, the next morning I was in the ER with
a tube stuck up my...well, you get the idea.

AND BESIDES.....I know for a FACT that the threshold for spilling sugar can
vary from person to person and sometimes it CHANGES throughout your life.  Why
wait until the symptoms are so bad, the child ends up in ER?  I can not
understand why ANY parent with a history of diabetes has NOT already gotten
the antigen test done - maybe they are scared to find out - but I dont get
it!!!!  Why not just do the meter test?  They do em in malls all the time and
at health fairs, or come ask me - I'll do it!

OF COURSE, I am not a TRAINED doctor or a nurse, so OF COURSE I am not
qualified to make medical judgements, and prescribe treatment.  For the REAL
thing, the final say ALWAYS comes to the VERY educated and EXTREMELY talented
doctor (who relies on a lab that NEVER makes mistakes), (can you hear the
sarasm in my voice?????).  I would never say to some kid I had tested with a
sugar of 220 - OH MY GOD YOU HAVE DIABETES.  I would suggest lets try it again
tomorrow morning - dont eat anything after XXX oclock - WHY freak the kid or
the parent - let the PROFESSIONALS do that.  But let me tell you, if one of
those kids ever came in the next morning and was STILL 200, I wouldn't say "oh
just wait til he gets put into the ER or he passes out" - I'd say - go to the
doctor today, do not pass GO, do not collect $200...do NOT wait until until
the ambulance has to take you.

Someone said what is the point of doing these tests when nothing can be done
anyway - well if it keeps the kid out of the hospital, if it relieves a parent
who lives constantly in fear that they may have passed on a bad gene (as if
they don't have enough things to feel guilty about), then it is worth it.
What does it cost?  Very little - nothing if you go to one of those health
fairs or your local DTC, or if you  lucky dog, you have a family member who
already has a meter and isn't too stingy to share.

Just my $2 worth - and having reached my maximum out of pocket expenses for
the year, that is being quite generous with my limited capital!

and remember YMMV

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