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Re: [IP] Urine testing

Meld2jpd wrote:
> << The threshold for glucose in your urine if you have normal kidneys is
>  around 160-180 give or take a little.  >>
> sorry to differ here, Michael, but the literature we recieved at time of our
> son's dx from joslin diabetes center states that blood sugars can go as high
> as 300 before spilling into the urine...clearly at diagnosable blood sugar
> levels.

Actually, you aren't in disagreement: The Joslin Center says the blood sugars
CAN go as high as 300, not that they always do. 

Information I've always been given says that the tolerance level for normal
kidneys is about 180, but that's in NORMAL conditions, NOT when you have
an undiagnosed child at onset.

In any case I must agree that it IS ridiculous that a simple fingerstick blood
test wasn't done!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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