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Re: [IP] Urine testing

In a message dated 98-03-01 02:44:02 EST, you write:

<< The threshold for glucose in your urine if you have normal kidneys is 
 around 160-180 give or take a little.  >>

sorry to differ here, Michael, but the literature we recieved at time of our
son's dx from joslin diabetes center states that blood sugars can go as high
as 300 before spilling into the urine...clearly at diagnosable blood sugar

<<There isn't much that can be done at any stage of diabetes 
onset with the present medical knowledge. As far as I know there is no 
damage done initially that is not done anyway. So what is the point of 
screening everyone with a blood test that won't stop the disease?>>

they have recently lowered the diagnosable blood sugar level so that treatment
can be started earlier...with a benefit of a longer honeymoon period to help
delay the onset of complications...the point isn't to screen everyone, only
those at high risk or with signs and symptoms..earlier diagnosis with our son
would have meant a shorter hospital stay and a less scary situation for all of
us...i wasn't referring to DPT studies(which I sincerely don't feel are worth
it) i was referring to a simple finger stick like i'm sure that your daughter
must do several times a day when signs and symptoms are already present....no
one in this day and age should be diagnosed at 1200..he went into severe DKA
and almost died. a simple blood sugar test could have prevented this....

BTW...Chris is soon to be pumping!!!(this summer, when school is out and we
don't have to deal with a new piece of equipment and the school at the same

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