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Re: [IP] Square-wave bolus


> What's the consensus of 507 users out there on the square-wave bolus? I
>  actually prefer bolusing approx 50% of my CHO count, then increasing my
>  temporary basal rate over the next 3-4 hours for meals like pizza or
>  pasta. Any thoughts pro or con?

Why do you prefer the temp. basal over the square wave?  The beeping drives me
bonkers.  I guess the only down side I see to programming the square wave over
the temp. basal is that with the 507, the square wave is tying up your bolus
function so you can't add anymore CHO until the square wave is over, without
stopping the pump and reprograming the whole thing.  I guess if I were to set
the square wave for a long time, I would consider the temp basal.  But that
beeping.... ARGGGGHHH!

Mary Jean
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