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[IPn] couple of days off

I took a couple of days off and did come the the office complex where
Insulin Pumpers lives. Starting to be more people in the complex even
though the number of Covid cases is rising rapidly in the surrounding
area. Weekends, no-one is here so it feels more secure.

I talked to one gentleman that insists that whatever is making people
sick (not a virus, fake news) it is caused by 5G radiation and "chem-
trails" (he means con-trails from airplanes but does not know what 
they are). What can I say... sigh...

That's the news for today as amusing or pathetic as it may be 
depending on how you view it.

I'd like to wrap up the pledge drive if we can, we only need a few 
hundred dollars to match the remainder of the Eastern Seaboard 

You can donate using any of these links


or send a check by mail to:

	Insulin Pumpers
	558 Valley Way
	Milpitas, CA 95035

Stay safe,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers

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