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[IP] Does anyone have experience trying to return a pump?

Hi pumpers,

I want to thank everyone who responded to my recent Tandem issues post. I
feel so much better hearing that others have had similar issues.

After a lot of insisting, I got a remote meeting with my original pump
trainer, who was actually very good, and much like Laura she felt part of
my problem was my low basal rates. I actually filled a cartridge with her
to make sure I was 'doing it right'. Because of my formalin allergy I can
only take Apidra, which contributes to all my occlusion issues, as a last
ditch effort to make it work, my trainer has me filling a new cartridge and
tubing every day to see if that can stop the occlusions. My mom feels it is
an unreasonable waste of supplies, insulin and time, which it might be
considering I never had these issues with Mini Med or Animas, but I feel I
should at least test it out.

I also had a remote appointment with my endocrinologist and she felt the
whole thing had gone on too long and wanted to at least explore if I could
get a different pump covered. I have not had any occlusions since Monday,
so I'm feeling a lot better. Partially it may be the cooler weather, but
the once a day thing may also be helping. My endo is concerned about it
getting worse as the weather gets really hot.

My pump trainer felt the Control IQ may not be able to handle my low basal
rates to higher bolus insulin use (30% basal, 70% bolus). I don't really
know what to do about that because if I raise my basal rates I go low. My
endo felt strongly that I needed to stop trying to adjust the Control IQ
and just turn it off. Since turning it off I've been really amazed by how
it just instantly fixed things. My bg stopped yoyoing and went flat and the
horrible basal suspend highs went away. I was really feeling sick, and now
I feel so much better.

Thanks to each person who helped me by sharing ideas and experiences.

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