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[IP] Tandem pump

 I switched to Tandembs t-slim 14 months ago. I loved the Basal IQ! It
immediately helped with lows and I liked that I maintained my target BG of 100
95% of the time. The bounce after a low is usually caused by over-treating the
low. With the absence of insulin, you barely need to treat or youbll go higher

 Ibve never had cartridge fill issues and only a couple occlusion alarms but
there wasnbt one; if the tubing gets kinked it can cause them in my experience.

 I was excited to upgrade to Control IQ but almost immediately regretted my
decision. The ranges are much too high for me. Itbs taken multiple basal
adjustments to bring things back in line and even with that, the pump wonbt
correct as soon as I would.

Ibm now running sleep mode 24/7 which is a little better. 

 I spoke with a Tandem supervisor on Friday about my dissatisfaction in not
being able to downgrade back to Basal IQ. I did learn that new pumps donbt have
CIQ installed. I asked about returning my pump but itbs 14 months old.

 Ibm going to have my endo write a letter of medical necessity to see if we can
get Tandem to trade my pump in.

 CIQ is great for those who are less aggressive or happier with an A1C in the 7
range, Ibm learning. But for those of us keeping it around 5.5% itbs
frustrating. Therebs a FB group devoted to tighter control with CIQ.

 The supervisor has sent a message to his training team to get in touch with me
for extra support. But I also upload to my CDE weekly so we can troubleshoot, so
I doubt theybll have any new info for me.

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