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[IP] Callibration - Dex and Iphone

I use the Animas Vibe with my Dex - vs using the Iphone app.   When you use
the Vibe with your dex transmitter you do not have to carry the "receiver"
part of the dex anymore.  All the same information you receive on the Dex
receiver is on the Animas Vibe.  I don't have the app on my phone for the
Dex since I have the Vibe, however my understanding is that it would run the
same as having the Vibe act as your Dex receiver.  If you have the iphone
act as your Dex "receiver" - there should be no need to carry the actual Dex
receiver at all.  I am so happy to only be carrying the pump in my pocket
every day now as opposed to years of carrying the pump in one pocket and the
Dex receiver in the other.   You "can" run both the Animas Vibe AND the Dex
receiver (as I did a week ago for a few days as I received a new Vibe due to
a crack in the case of my previous one) as I was not receiving what I
thought to be accurate readings on my CGM in the new Vibe, however after
charging the battery and starting up the old Dex receiver which had been in
a box for over a year - it ran almost the same exact numbers as the CGM in
my Vibe was reading - hence I knew it was just "me" that was having a day
time with the blood sugar readings and not my new Vibe.  Therefore I am
guessing you can probably run the Dex receiver and the Iphone app both - but
there would be no need to if you don't want to be carrying an additional
item all the time.
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