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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1015

 Sounds like the complaint abt the iPhones, you have to login/unlock/go to the
Dex to see it it would be grand if it was available like the camera, flashlight,
calculator timer, airplane mode, Bluetooth, etc are

 The 'forced checking/calibration thing? I think that's a length of time between
previous calibrations, mine are not overnight if I do a couple of BG checks and
enter them during the day ( One earlier and one later)


> On Jun 24, 2016, at 12:31 PM, An-Lon Chen wrote:
> hi all,
> Looking for help here. It's my mom who's a Type 1 Diabetic and not me, so
> apologies if this series of questions is a little incoherent.
> First off:
> She has the Dexcom monitor and Apple watch app. For the most part, it works
> really well, but she has one minor and one major frustration. The minor
> one: I can't imagine why Dexcom hasn't made a Complication to show her
> blood sugar on the main watch screen, without having to do any swiping. (A
> Complication is Apple Watch-speak for data from an app that shows up on the
> main screen. I use the term just so people know what to look for.). Does
> anyone have Dexcom's ear or know if this feature is in the works? It seems
> like such a logical thing to do. (I don't have an Apple Watch myself, but
> have spent a bit of time helping troubleshoot and customize hers.)
> The major frustration: The Dexcom app tries to force you to test your blood
> sugar periodically, sometimes in the middle of the night. There is NO WAY
> to turn this off. It just bugs you every 10 minutes. I suppose the idea is
> to force people to get up and do fingersticks, but I'd imagine that most
> people do what my mom does, which is turn off her phone off. This means she
> misses not just low blood sugar alerts, but also regular text messages and
> phone calls. Is there ANY way to hack around this? It's extremely
> purpose-defeating.
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