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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #1015

hi all,

Looking for help here. It's my mom who's a Type 1 Diabetic and not me, so
apologies if this series of questions is a little incoherent.

First off:

She has the Dexcom monitor and Apple watch app. For the most part, it works
really well, but she has one minor and one major frustration. The minor
one: I can't imagine why Dexcom hasn't made a Complication to show her
blood sugar on the main watch screen, without having to do any swiping. (A
Complication is Apple Watch-speak for data from an app that shows up on the
main screen. I use the term just so people know what to look for.). Does
anyone have Dexcom's ear or know if this feature is in the works? It seems
like such a logical thing to do. (I don't have an Apple Watch myself, but
have spent a bit of time helping troubleshoot and customize hers.)

The major frustration: The Dexcom app tries to force you to test your blood
sugar periodically, sometimes in the middle of the night. There is NO WAY
to turn this off. It just bugs you every 10 minutes. I suppose the idea is
to force people to get up and do fingersticks, but I'd imagine that most
people do what my mom does, which is turn off her phone off. This means she
misses not just low blood sugar alerts, but also regular text messages and
phone calls. Is there ANY way to hack around this? It's extremely

Bigger picture:

She is 70 and in generally excellent health, but seems to be having more
and more trouble controlling her sugar. She says it takes more and more
insulin to do what it used to, and she is afraid she is developing Type 2
along with Type 1. BUT... she hasn't settled down with a doctor she likes
here in Seattle, and is in the middle of switching from University of
Washington to Swedish. (She had a doctor she really liked in Utah).

So I guess my main questions are 1) Does anyone have advice to make the
Dexcom Apple Watch app less frustrating, and 2) what can be done about the
(relatively) new insulin resistance? She says she doesn't need a diagnosis
because she can see exactly what's happening with her dosing, but I really
wish she had a doctor she has a good rapport with. The time at University
of Washington seemed to be more about fighting administrivia than actually
getting care.

I'm in a position to help significantly with meal planning and preparation,
but I feel like I'm taking blind stabs in the dark to figure out what she
actually needs.


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