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[IP] Recommendations for CGM and pump

My Daughter, Lauren, who started pumping 18 years ago -and quit 7 years ago
(and it was not a good thing) has decided to go back on the pump and CGM.
I really have not been following any of the discussions about the options
except somehow I got the impression that DEXCOM is considered the better CGM
for reliability and usage.  We are considering T-Slim/Dexcom or Medtronic.


I would love to hear observations about these two systems so that we can
make an informed choice.  If you feel it is more appropriate - you are
welcome to respond to me privately.  


Years ago, (18) Insulin pumpers was a life saver and I have continued to
contribute on a monthly basis for all that the list has done for Lauren and
me.  I am back and will be reading the posts more closely once again.


Thank you, in advance, for your wisdom and assistance.


Diane Dunham Massey, JD


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