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[IPn] web site down

Hi there Pumpers and Friends,

I've been contacted by several members about the web site being down. 

Here's the scoop.

A couple of weeks ago there was a fault on our main web server that 
took the back up disk out of service. Meanwhile, it looked as if the 
second disk bit the dust but fortunately not completely.  I've been 
working on the problem for some time and finally determined that it's 
not the disk but the server hardware iself that has a problem. I've 
managed to fully recover the information on the disk but I am still 
working on repairing the hardware.  

Insulin Pumpers has very limited resources in terms of $$ as you 
might have guessed from the pledge drives, so I have to work on 
fixing this stuff my self  in my spare time and there is not a backup 
system to replace the failed one. I have a full time job and devote 
much of my spare time to IP anyway, however with shipments of "stuff" 
to those in need and other IP duties, this sort of overloads things 
so it is taking a while to get it all done. Hope to have things more 
or less back to normal  by the end of the week.  


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