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Re: [IP] chicken pox & trial for 100 year old vaccine / Desitin dilemma

<snip>  It was a very difficult time for me going through high school
> living on a sandwich for lunch, a potato for dinner and no dessert
> except for fresh fruit.  That is the way we treated diabetes in the 50's. 
> <snip>

I was dx'd IDDM Nov. 5, '50 and was treated with the new Exchange system and 
NPH mixed with Regular once a day. I did that until 8/23/83 when I got a 
pump. Oh, 2 years of 2 shots a day.

> I had chic pox as a child 2 times in 1974 and 75 then was diagnosed
> w type 1... I don't remember the exact month span but that is the basics 
> ...
> I was 5 when diagnosed w type 1 .... In reading below this confirms my
> belief that the chic pox kicked in my lovely disease I've had for over 40 
> years
> Any thoughts?

Yes! I had boils, sties, and carbuncles from age 3 to 11 when I went into a 
coma. I've read that a long-term infection can affect a major organ 
(pancreas for me) espceially at puberty. ZAPPO!

> If anyone in Destin area could I buy a bottle from you ? Or is there any
> advice? I just don't have 279 to pay

I was kept alive on Regular (with NPH) beef/pork insulin from '50 to late 
'90s when Humalog came out. There is NOTHING wrong with it!! It has a 
slightly long action time from the rapid-acting Apidra/Humalog/Novolog, but 
remember those were not invented until the '90s. Insulin (Regular first, 
then the Lentes, NPHs, etc.) were invented in 1922. All those who got 50-yr 
medals and even the 85-yr awards for surviving so long, used Regular.

You want to live -- and eat? Use Regular.

Jan - T-1, 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83), Dialyzing 7/8/02
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