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Great story.  I read long ago that child hold disease including mumps and
measles can also have an impact for the attack on the beta cells of our
pancreas. I was born in 1950 and we were still on a polio epidemic not to
mention all the other diseases that were going aground during that time.  I
got every measles, chic pox, mumps...and got the measles several times.....
We were poor folks so we would only see the doctor when we had too.  In 1966
I could pass the eye-exam to get my learner's permit to drive a car.  It was
within six months after that is when I was treated for diabetes, Type 2.  It
was a very difficult time for me going through high school living on a
sandwich for lunch, a potato for dinner and no dessert except for fresh
fruit.  That is the way we treated diabetes in the 50's.  Then my health
went bad with weight lost and weakness.  I was going to college and working
part time to make ends meet.  It was a very stressful time during my
developing years as a teenager and becoming a young adult.  It was 1968 that
I decided to switch doctors and see an endocrinologist of which he
recommended that I go on insulin and start eating a person of my age but
with some limitations. So I decided to begin injecting insulin.  The
smartest thing I ever did.  I lived through the progression of technology
treating diabetes with the inventions of new insulin, glucose monitors and
now the pump. I have become a pumper for almost 6 weeks.  I like it and
wished I had done so earlier.  I think it was more the cost and education
that was holding me back.  I have been on several insulin studies and have
learned a lot on how to count carbs, insulin ratios, sensitivity ratios...
and more.  So I felt it was time for me to step up to the plate and become a
pumper.  I chose the Animas Ping.  It was user friendly and if anyone tested
as often as I do with glucose monitor (6-8 times per day) then the Ping was
an easy transition.  My regular endocrinologist of 25 years finally retired
so I chose a younger endo which was very knowledgeable and insulin pumps.  I
asked her the question why should I go on a pump, and she simply said, "If
she ever became a diabetic she certainly would chose a pump over taking
multiple injections."  


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I had chic pox as a child 2 times in 1974 and 75 then was diagnosed w type 1
... I don't remember the exact month span but that is the basics ... I was 5
when diagnosed w type 1 .... In reading below this confirms my belief that
the chic pox kicked in my lovely disease I've had for over 40 years


Any thoughts? 




Michael Plinski

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