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[IPn] where IP spends your donations

A number of you have asked what Insulin Pumpers does and how it 
spends the money that we raise in our pledge drives. Let me give you 
some perspective and an independent analysis from one of our members 
that works in the fund raising field.   

Since 1997, Insulin Pumpers has helped to develop a community where 
thousands of type 1's and their families can gather information, 
support, and courage to help manage day to day living with diabetes. 
Newly diagnosed patients and people interested in starting on an 
insulin pump can browse our extensive database of qualified, pump- 
friendly endocrinologists to select the best possible pump doc in 
their area. Additionally, the thousands of members of the IP forums 
are more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge about 
living with a pump and using this technology to manage their 
diabetes. Good examples are how the IP forums have helped hundreds of 
people appeal and overturn service denials from their insurance 
companie that refused to pay for an insulin pump or medical supplies 
needed to sustain quality of life, or the countless families that 
have come to IP for assistance enforcing their 504 education plan, a 
federal statute requiring schools to accommodate diabetic children 
without disrupting their learning experience. On top of that, every 
day Insulin Pumpers provides emergency pump supplies to uninsured and 
economically distressed pumpers who have no other options left. 
Insulin Pumpers is the call of last resort and the referrals come 
from both Doc's and from the pump company customer service 
departments when they have nothing left to offer these people.      

All of this is possible because YOU support Insulin Pumpers. There 
really isn't anyone else.   

The Facebook page is an adjunct to our service and you were attracted 
to it by our reputation of service. The page may cost us nothing, 
however the reputation service requires that we fulfill our mission 
as I've outlined above.   

One of our members is a professional fund raiser and she wrote this:

>> From: Gail ..................
>> Feel free to send this out (I don't have the address handy for the
>> list-serve).
>> In my professional life, I help non-profits find funding to run  
>> their programs.  I work with medium-sized non-profits - which my  
>> company classifies as those with budgets over $100,000 but less 
>> than  
>> $500,000.  IP is not even a blip on my radar (professionally  
>> speaking). HOWEVER - the numbers of people that are assisted by IP
>> is HUGE compared to similar organizations that support folks with 
>> medical conditions (while not spending a cent on research or new
>> technologies.)  An organization that is one of my clients has a  
>> budget 2 times IP's.  Their client base is 300 people.  300.  Not 
>> 3,000. Their mission is exactly the same as IP's but focuses on a 
>> different disease.

Our current membership is 9,000+ BTW

>> IP is a resource that is unlike any other for people with diabetes
>> regardless of type.
>> If you're not happy with the service and support you get on I.P.  
>> then, as Michael so eloquently put it, go somewhere else.  But, if
>> you have received even ONE idea from another's experience on I.P.,
>> then GIVE.  Give ANYTHING.  $5.00, $15.00, $50.00, $500.
>> I will have had Type 1 for 43 years as of February 14, 2015.
>> I have used a pump for 29 of those years (yes, it was the size of
>> a
>> shoe box and had a fixed basal rate of 1.0 u per hour).  I have no
>> complications.  I count my blessings for the advances since 1972. 
>> But, some of the most valuable information I've received is from  
>> right here on I.P.  That is priceless.
>> Thanks for letting me have a moment on the soap box.
>> -gail

Insulin Pumpers is operated by volunteers on a shoe-string budget. 
However, just like our larger cousins, ADA, JDRF, we have facilities 
cost (rent, utilities, phone, insurance, etc...) as well as day to 
day operating expenses like postage for supplies we ship out, paper 
for our printers and fax machines, etc.... all the expenses you would 
expect for any other business. Tomorrow (June 5th) I will fly to 
Boston for the Annual ADA Scientific Sessions, the air fare is a few 
hundred dollars. BTW, I stay with friends, my admission is paid for 
by one of the exhibitors, I do what I can to keep expenses down. I 
can assure you the people from ADA and JDRF go all expenses paid.   

I'll repeat Gail's admonition. If you don't thiink you benefit from 
Insulin Pumpers, and don't want to help support the mission which you 
benefit from then I politely as you to go somewhere else. Conversely 
if you have gained knowledge and insight from these formums, then pay 
if forward so that others like you can benefit in the future.   

Donate ANYTHING $5.00, $15.00, $50.00, $500, whatever you can afford.


Michael A. Robinton
Executive Director
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org