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[IP] RE: diluted insulin in Follow up on basal questions

Funny you should mention diluted insulin.  Been There, Done That for at least
the first couple of years I was on the pump. Eli Lilly stopped producing the
diluent a few years ago and I noticed that little detail, thinking how happy I
was to no longer go through that procedure.  It was available from Lilly for
free through the pharmacy you were using along with sterile bottles for the
mixing but Im guessing that when smaller basal levels in pumps became
available that worked for MOST of the population Lilly no longer felt it was
necessary to continue to provide it.  Animas arrived on the scene with a .025
basal and I was very happy to switch and yes, at the time my basals were at
least twice as much as they are now and I had many more lows.

Back when I began diluting I met someone through IP who became a very good
friend because we were both new to pumping and diluted insulin, so we figured
things out together, comparing notes.  And frankly, there is NO way I would
want to be in the hands of just a small producer of a diluent. Obviously, I
could just use saline myself if I really wanted to go back to that but at the
time there were all kinds of warnings about what you could safely use with
Humalog to dilute it. I would be curious to know if there is a manufacturer
that actually still produces a diluent designed specifically for Humalog or

As Laura Shapiro mentioned, all of this, from site location to insulin
sensitivity, is very YMMV. I guess were all just looking for a little special
close company in all of it.

I will just happily continue checking the tubing for air spaces and priming
them out. It works for me even if I happen to be the only one doing it.


Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 13:10:38 -0500
From: Laddie Lindahl <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] RE: Follow up on basal questions

Have you considered using diluted insulin in your pump? Some parents do this
with very small children who use tiny amounts of insulin. You would have to
your homework on which insulin manufacturers provide a diluent solution. And
then its all math from there. With diluted insulin you could increase the
volume which make make your pump happier while keeping your actual insulin
amounts very small.
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