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Re: [IP] Insulin Infusion Sites

I'm interested.  Please contact me. 

 > On Jun 30, 2014, at 9:21 AM, Prof Albisser
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello Pumpers,
> I run a weekly support group for Pumpers and MDI
> Our goal is to achieve and then maintain optimal diabetes control using 
> technology on the Amazon Cloud we call a virtual pancreas for diabetes.
> Optimal diabetes control, as shown in the image below, occurs when all 
> boluses and basals are optimized.  And, the mechanics of using the 
> pump(sites, insulins, catheters, etc) are all adapted for the particular 
> needs of each user.  This is done with the GUI shown and applying the 
> targets(not shown).  You may need HTML formatting to see the inserted 
> images.  If this does not work, send me an email and I will respond.
> My purpose in telling the pumpers group about this is to determine if 
> any pumpers may wish to try the Virtual Pancreas Technology.  If so, I 
> will ask for volunteers in my Support Groups to help you get started.  
> We could use Skype or some other service to provide the remote 
> connectivity for teaching new users.
> michael
> On 6/30/2014 12:00 PM, 
> email @ redacted wrote:
 >> Signe, looks like it's time to do a couple basal tests and also download
 >> CGM data. My "bg schedule" is that I start to rise as soon as I go to bed,
>> from mindnight on...B B  It took basal testing and CGM data to convince the
 >> ENDO that reducing my basal rate over night iwas a stupid idea.B B Now, as a
>> Svenska Flicka, I believe that by your name your are female, so I am conna
>> suggest where I like to put infusion sets - The Girls.B  I too am lean and I
>> need to give the abdomen a rest (I want good absorption after all). I find
 >> using the straight cannulas inthe girls works very well. Good absorption,
>> having a bra over the set keeps thngs where I want them (even in hot sweaty
>> weather).B  The length of the annulas on the straights is minimal - much
>> shorter than the angled sets, and it is easy to put in one-handed.
>> B
>> Hope this helps
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Signe Myhren" <email @ redacted>
>> To: email @ redacted
>> Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 4:28:36 AM
>> Subject: [IP] Insulin Infusion Sites
>> B Thanks to all who responded about my question about WHERE to infuse
> insulin,
 >> for best results. Some of you responded in terms of WHAT infusion set to
>> and in fact I had already consulted with Medtronic, who assured me that, for
>> the
>> slender folk like me, the Paradigm Silhouette (which I use) is the set of
>> choice.
>> B I awoke with a BG of 197 this morning, which disgusts me, as I had bolused
>> at
>> bedtime, and again when my CGM alerted me to a high of 170 at around 2:00
> a.m.
>> This was with a Silhouette in the abdomen, after having used no abdominal
>> infusion sites for one month.
 >> B This is the number one most frustrating part of pumping insulin, for me!
>> endo said my thighs are useless for infusing insulin (muscular, with lots of
>> blood vessels at the surface and no fat,) and I have already discussed the
>> high
 >> BGs I got when trying the buttocks (400, with the infusion site intact and
 >> blood in the cannula.) I live alone, and cannot depend upon a partner to
>> me
>> insert a site into the upper arm. And yes, I have tried the OmniPod, for a
>> solid
>> year. It was my first pump. I could use it on my arms, but I developed a
>> pretty
>> severe allergy to its adhesive. I am about to get the 530 G next week.
>> Thank you again.
>> Signe
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