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Re: [IP] Insulin Infusion Sites

Hello Pumpers,
I run a weekly support group for Pumpers and MDI
Our goal is to achieve and then maintain optimal diabetes control using 
technology on the Amazon Cloud we call a virtual pancreas for diabetes.
Optimal diabetes control, as shown in the image below, occurs when all 
boluses and basals are optimized.  And, the mechanics of using the 
pump(sites, insulins, catheters, etc) are all adapted for the particular 
needs of each user.  This is done with the GUI shown and applying the 
targets(not shown).  You may need HTML formatting to see the inserted 
images.  If this does not work, send me an email and I will respond.

My purpose in telling the pumpers group about this is to determine if 
any pumpers may wish to try the Virtual Pancreas Technology.  If so, I 
will ask for volunteers in my Support Groups to help you get started.  
We could use Skype or some other service to provide the remote 
connectivity for teaching new users.


On 6/30/2014 12:00 PM, 
email @ redacted wrote:
> Signe, looks like it's time to do a couple basal tests and also download your
> CGM data. My "bg schedule" is that I start to rise as soon as I go to bed, so
> from mindnight on...B B  It took basal testing and CGM data to convince the
> ENDO that reducing my basal rate over night iwas a stupid idea.B B  Now, as a
> Svenska Flicka, I believe that by your name your are female, so I am conna
> suggest where I like to put infusion sets - The Girls.B  I too am lean and I
> need to give the abdomen a rest (I want good absorption after all). I find
> using the straight cannulas inthe girls works very well. Good absorption, and
> having a bra over the set keeps thngs where I want them (even in hot sweaty
> weather).B  The length of the annulas on the straights is minimal - much
> shorter than the angled sets, and it is easy to put in one-handed.
> B
> Hope this helps
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Signe Myhren" <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Sent: Monday, June 30, 2014 4:28:36 AM
> Subject: [IP] Insulin Infusion Sites
 > B Thanks to all who responded about my question about WHERE to infuse
> for best results. Some of you responded in terms of WHAT infusion set to use,
> and in fact I had already consulted with Medtronic, who assured me that, for
> the
> slender folk like me, the Paradigm Silhouette (which I use) is the set of
> choice.
> B I awoke with a BG of 197 this morning, which disgusts me, as I had bolused
> at
 > bedtime, and again when my CGM alerted me to a high of 170 at around 2:00
> This was with a Silhouette in the abdomen, after having used no abdominal
> infusion sites for one month.
> B This is the number one most frustrating part of pumping insulin, for me! My
> endo said my thighs are useless for infusing insulin (muscular, with lots of
> blood vessels at the surface and no fat,) and I have already discussed the
> high
> BGs I got when trying the buttocks (400, with the infusion site intact and no
> blood in the cannula.) I live alone, and cannot depend upon a partner to help
> me
> insert a site into the upper arm. And yes, I have tried the OmniPod, for a
> solid
> year. It was my first pump. I could use it on my arms, but I developed a
> pretty
> severe allergy to its adhesive. I am about to get the 530 G next week.
> Thank you again.
> Signe
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