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Re: [IP] Re: A basal question for all of you

 What I failed to mention on this is that the CGM helped me to figure this out
and make it work.


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 > On Jun 29, 2014, at 12:03 PM, Richard
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> I have found that the basal rates can be used to help prevent going high
> especially in preventing nighttime lows. At times I will go 0.00 for two or
 > three hours between dinner and bedtime to help prevent nighttime lows. My
 > is to have very minimal bolus at dinner, I have found that with correct
 > basal settings and no bolus insulin remaining at bed time I seldom go low in
> sleep.
 > By knowing how many hours my bolus lasts, in my case 6 hours, by eating at
 > PM, at midnight there is no bolus remaining. Eating low carb dinner minimizes
> bolus so that when I retire at eleven or so, there is very little bolus left,
> perhaps .1 to .3 units of active insulin, and if my blood sugar is on the low
> side and active insulin is a bit high, I take enough carb to cover bring it
> prevent going low.
> Richard
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>>> On Jun 29, 2014, at 8:39 AM, rbubar
>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> A couple of days ago, after a very long time on hold to talk with an Animas
> rep
>> with a pump question (I had wanted to talk with them about this issue before
> but
>> had given up two separate times when the HOLD time went on for agesyes, a
> very
>> common problem). So no, obviously not a life or death issue. Several months
> ago
>> I began programming my basals at 00.00u for several hours out of a day, and
> at
>> less than .1u (eg., .025, .050, or .075) for a few more hoursso yes, I use
> very
>> little basal insulin in a 24 hour period. The NP I work with had concluded
> that
>> my frequent lows were in good part a result of my basal levels, so down they
>> went. According to the Animas rep AND the supervisor I spoke with, they had
> both
>> never, EVER, heard of anyone using a 00.00 basal. And that of course related
 >> directly to my question for themI have air spaces that develop right at
>> end of the tubing, just before the connection to the site. As a result of
> this
>> discovery quite a while ago, I have been disconnecting and checking the
> tubing
 >> and then using a Fill to fill in the little spacesometimes only .3 or .4
>> sometimes much more, before bolusing for food OR, to just make sure
> programmed
>> basal insulin for other times of the day is actually getting into me. My
> boluses
>> for food are sometimes quite smalleg., .3 or .4 so that space can be the
> cause
>> of a higher than expected bgnothing at all drastic because I keep lots of
>> written records as well as downloaded pump and BG records so daily I have
>> patterns I expect. Both the rep and the supervisor could not really come up
> with
 >> any answers for me but I did feel that they understood what I was saying
 >> that was great!). They wondered if maybe there just wasnt enough pressure
>> the pump, with all the hours of low or 00.00 basals, for the pump mechanism
> to
 >> keep the tubing filledbut to explain just WHERE that air coming in was
>> The supervisor wondered if just by me moving around there was enough give in
> the
>> connection from the tubing to the site to allow this.hmmmm. I co
>> keep checkingI would NOT want Animas to eliminate the 00.00 possibility.
>> Also, it was a lengthy conversation so I was quickly one of those people
> taking
>> up enough time to have the next person in line have to wait, and wait, and
> wait.
 >> SO, my question, even with people using other pumps besides Animas, do any
>> you or your children, have 00.00 as any part of your basal program? Am I
> really
>> the only one doing this? I should mention that I emailed IP last fall when
> I
>> looked at the Tandem pump but I quickly realized that because their lowest
> basal
>> level was .1/hr, I couldnt use their pump.
>> Barbara, Type 1 for 63 years (time flies.) 
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