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Re: [IP] IP re: insulin infusion sites

 Thanks Pam. I tried Silhouette's they are good. Just needed help; don't have
it. I love the MIO so I will give up on using the butt. Shots were less
complicated; not a good solution for me. I like my CGM (with 523 pump).

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 > On Jun 29, 2014, at 12:27 PM, Pam
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Phyllis, if you try Quicksets instead you can insert with one hand without
 > looking. You just need the other hand to pull out the needle but you don't
> to be able to see.
> The butt is variable for me. Quicksets don't work there because when I lay on
 > my back at night it gets pushed into muscle. In the daytime they're great
 > the first night. So I nixed them. I use Silhouettes there instead (I have
> inserting). Sometimes they work fine but other times a problem develops. The
> other day I was fine for a few hours then went up and stayed high. Turns out
 > there was blood in the catheter. I think every time I sat or stood the
 > of my pants would catch and rub on it. Another time I had a similar problem
 > my theory was that it was too far on the outside of my butt towards my side
> when I rolled over from my back to side at night and vice versa it got messed
> up. So as long as they're in just the right location on the butt they work.
> I can't use my thighs at all. I never could with shots either. Absorption is
 > terrible for me. I do use the front and sides of my thighs for my CGM though
> it works great.
> I recently started using the backs of my arms for infusion sites (also for
> CHM). It worked well but the tubing is a problem unless I wear long enough
> sleeves to cover it, so no good in the summer. You need help inserting there
 > though. I use Quicksets there because I can detach/reattach them with one
> unlike with Silhouttes.
> Silhouettes work well on my lower back but again you need help inserting.
 > I'm not that big and am fairly lean/muscular so it's a constant problem
 > good sites. That's my biggest problem after twenty years of pumping. My
 > has been overused so I try to go as long as possible before returning to it.
 > A1C's have risen to about 7.8 lately because of site troubles. I'll get a
> site and blood sugars will be beautiful until I change sites and then with
 > another site I'll be in the 200s all day and have to increase my basals by
> 20-30% or else shoot up to 400 and start throwing up and have to replace the
> set. It's very frustrating. Pam
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>>> On Jun 29, 2014, at 8:39 AM, email @ redacted
>> (insulin-pumpers-digest) wrote:
>> Michael, I use the MIO and haven't figured out how to use butt area unless I
>> had help (I don't). Need both hands to insert and retract inserter.
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