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[IP] Re: A basal question for all of you

 A couple of days ago, after a very long time on hold to talk with an Animas rep
with a pump question (I had wanted to talk with them about this issue before but
had given up two separate times when the HOLD time went on for agesyes, a very
common problem). So no, obviously not a life or death issue. Several months ago
I began programming my basals at 00.00u for several hours out of a day, and at
less than .1u (eg., .025, .050, or .075) for a few more hoursso yes, I use very
little basal insulin in a 24 hour period. The NP I work with had concluded that
my frequent lows were in good part a result of my basal levels, so down they
went. According to the Animas rep AND the supervisor I spoke with, they had both
never, EVER, heard of anyone using a 00.00 basal. And that of course related
directly to my question for themI have air spaces that develop right at the
end of the tubing, just before the connection to the site. As a result of this
discovery quite a while ago, I have been disconnecting and checking the tubing
and then using a Fill to fill in the little spacesometimes only .3 or .4 but
sometimes much more, before bolusing for food OR, to just make sure programmed
basal insulin for other times of the day is actually getting into me. My boluses
for food are sometimes quite smalleg., .3 or .4 so that space can be the cause
of a higher than expected bgnothing at all drastic because I keep lots of
written records as well as downloaded pump and BG records so daily I have
patterns I expect. Both the rep and the supervisor could not really come up with
any answers for me but I did feel that they understood what I was saying (and
that was great!). They wondered if maybe there just wasnt enough pressure in
the pump, with all the hours of low or 00.00 basals, for the pump mechanism to
keep the tubing filledbut to explain just WHERE that air coming in was from?
The supervisor wondered if just by me moving around there was enough give in the
connection from the tubing to the site to allow this.hmmmm. I co
 keep checkingI would NOT want Animas to eliminate the 00.00 possibility.
Also, it was a lengthy conversation so I was quickly one of those people taking
up enough time to have the next person in line have to wait, and wait, and wait.

 SO, my question, even with people using other pumps besides Animas, do any of
you or your children, have 00.00 as any part of your basal program? Am I really
the only one doing this? I should mention that I emailed IP last fall when I
looked at the Tandem pump but I quickly realized that because their lowest basal
level was .1/hr, I couldnt use their pump.

Barbara, Type 1 for 63 years (time flies.) 
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