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[IP] Sensor taping and question about infusion set

 Just wanted to thank those who wrote with ideas about taping the sensor and
transmitter. I had had issues with the sensor readings flatlining telling me BG
was 70 for a few hours when it was much higher. Minimed told me it might be
because the sensor was not saying in place despite my using the IV 3000 that
came with the CGM. Minimed told me to insert at a deeper angle, but it was the
people here who helped me with tape.

 My most recent sensor is on day 5 and still working beautifully. I'm using
hypafix, and I cut a small 1/2 inch by 2 inch piece and put that across the
sensor (avoiding the side with the prongs) while I'm letting it get wet. Then
once I attach the transmitter, I use some skin tac around sensor and
transmitter, and I cut a roughly 4x3 inch piece of the tape and put it over the
whole thing. Yesterday, day 4, I was in the pool off and on for a few hours, and
it's still securely attached and working, so I'm happy.

 Stuff doesn't stick to me very well. I use iv prep and a Tegaderm hp under my
infusion set, but can't do that with the sensor and transmitter

 Hypafix is cheaper than Tegaderm - could I use it under an infusion set? Or is
it too thick?

Stacey M

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