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Re: [IP] Medicare ALJ case

There, I chopped this down a little, so it doesn't appear over and over 
in the digest version...

The ADA just held its meeting, the life expectancy thing was presented 
there.  I read about it a couple of days ago in a news brief article in 
the Minneapolis Star Tribune (on-line).  It was there one night and gone 
the next morning.

One of the points raised in the article though, was that the increased 
life expectancy would have an effect on the insurance industry's 
actuarial tables!

I'm sure that whatever happens at the ADA will be reprinted elsewhere.

Denise B.

On 6/30/2011 11:23 PM, Susan Lane wrote:
> Denise, it's curious to me when you state in point 3, the life expectancy of
> a type I is 68 years.  I have a friend who does some kind of work in the
> insurance world and he studies life expectancy as it pertains to life
> insurance policies and he said that diabetics who take care of their
> diabetes live a long natural life.  In other words, the disease does not cut
> your life short.  The lack of caring for the disease may though.
> I'd like to know if anyone else knows about this.  I'm "lucky" because I
> didn't get the disease as a child.  I got it at the old age of 57.
> On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 7:28 PM, Denise<email @ redacted>  wrote:
>> 3.  Type 1 diabetics have a longer life expectancy and a longer survival
>> span.  I just saw an article that said at the ADA's San Diego meeting, the
>> average life expectancy for a person with Type 1 diabetes is now
>> 68.something years.  (Yippee, I have 10 years left to live, and I'm going to
>> enjoy them to the max!)
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