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RE: [IP] Infusion cannula in veins?

Don't worry about veins. The catheter does not go deep enough.

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Subject: [IP] Infusion cannula in veins?

Hi everyone:

 I just did an infusion site change and there is a little bit of blood coming
back up the tubing. Not much, mind you, just about 1/4 inch worth above the
cannula. I'm thinking maybe my needle went through a capillary when I injected
the infusion set. I'm closely monitoring this.

 How much chance is there of actually having the end of the cannula resting IN a
vein? I'm assuming there would be a "lot" of blood coming back up the tubing,
but not sure. Since most of you have been pumping way longer than me, I thought
I'd ask about this, here.

 Also, I had just changed infusion set and reservoir yesterday; however, after
that, my BGs were running a lot higher than usual. Even my waking BG this
morning was a little over 200! I decided maybe the cannula was in scar tissue
and that's why I did a site change. Now that particular area is off limits for
being a site. My BG has come down a lot, too, good to have a number under 150

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