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RE: [IP] Dentally Challenged?

Not to rub it in, but I'm happy to say that my experience has been the
opposite.  Everyone in my family had lots of dental work while I had my
first filling at the age of 50 (type 1 since the age of 7).  I hate to brag,
but it's the one part of my body that is strong.  After an exam, one dentist
said, "If everyone had teeth like yours, I'd be a boat builder".

Knocking on wo0d,

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I love your way of putting this, Laura, so I swiped it out of your message.

Whenever my 4 siblings and I went to the dentist, they all had one or 
two cavities, while I would have 5 or 6.

They were perfect angels in the chair, while the dentist had to talk me 
into getting into the chair and then give me lots of Novocaine before 

It wasn't that the dentist was trying to make money by finding and 
filling "phantom' cavities, either.  My mother would finish one round of 
dental work, then the new school year would arrive and a new set of 
cards that had to be signed by the dentist.  Constant debt... I'm 
surprised that the guy didn't open a pawn shop.  "DDS Pawn, at your 

How many of us with D have had more cavities and more pain in the 
dentist's chair?

Denise B
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