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Re: [IP] Pump vacation

Oh...I see that you are on a Ping.  So am I.  After a couple of months 
of really strange, uncontrollable BGs, I called Animas C/S.  They told 
me that it must be scar tissue.  I said, "Oh...I have plenty of room on 
my abdomen to use for sites."  I asked them what clued people in that 
the cartridges that got recalled were bad and the C/S person said that 
people could either smell insulin behind the O-ring at the back of the 
cartridge after using them, or, better yet, insulin collected in the 
space behind the O-ring or in the well where the cartridge sits in the pump.

After a couple more weeks of lousy BGs, I was lying on my bed when I got 
a No Prime alarm.  Because it was my second one of the day and I was 
annoyed with it, I yanked the cartridge out.  The insulin that had been 
leaking into the cartridge well came out onto my shirt, with a very 
noticeable aroma.

Having no faith in any of the cartridges that I had, I called C/S again 
and asked to trade them in...so I sent in 4 boxes with lot #'s B201541 
and B201629.  Some of these are the cartridges that Animas sent out to 
replace the ones that were recalled in February of this year.  They sent 
me 4 new boxes, but my account shows that they are billing.  However, my 
account balance shows as 0, so I will keep my eye on it.

Animas is supposedly looking at the leaking cartridge to see what gives 
with the O-ring.

Now...I am thinking Omnipod for my next pump.  If I can talk my 
insurance company into it, I'd switch right now.  Animas is burning up 
too much insulin and my A1C is higher than it should be, IMHO.

Denise B.

On 6/28/2011 9:23 PM, Denise wrote:
> What pump are you on...or almost on...or taking a vacation from? Do you
> buy your insulin at your local pharmacy or is it shipped to you by mail?
> If it's shipped, when did you receive your last shipment? Denise B.
> On 6/28/2011 6:23 PM, Darcie Werthmann wrote:
>> I decided to take a pump vacation starting 3 weeks ago. I started with a
>> lantis
>> pen and humalog in syringes. Then went to a luxura HD pen. Since I
>> have been
>> back on MDI by blood sugars have stabilized. I am wondering if there is
>> something wrong with the insulin that was in the pump or the pump
>> itself. Any
>> ideas?
>> Darcie
> .
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