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[IP] Re: Flying with cold insulin

Hi, Mary,

 I flew from DC to Iowa in May. I had not flown since June 2001 and had to learn
all about it. I had planned to use a Frio but the information about gels being
restricted stopped me. Here's what I did.

 I was taking one vial of insulin because I would need to refill the cartridge
before the trip was over. TSA says you need to have syringes as well (to prove
you use insulin?) Also Medicine gets some exceptions.

Definitely insulin goes in carry on.  Cargo is in freezing temps.

 I used a small plastic bag to hold the insulin vial, a few syringes, and my
doctor's letter about my diabetes equipment. I put a sticker on the bag with the
word MEDICINE in big red letters to make it obvious. When things went through
the x-ray screening, I pulled out the medicine bag put in the insulin and sent
it as a separate item in the bin so they could see the liquid.

 When I got through the screening, I bought a bottle of cold water and put the
insulin next to that in my carry on to cool it all I could.

 I had decided not to try ice because by the time I got to the airport it would
be melting and maybe look suspicious.

 I will say this bottle of insulin went to Iowa, stayed in a fridge 10 days, and
then came back. I am using it right now and it works normally.

 I admit I have been obsessive about keeping insulin cold and it does have some
shelf life to it that I don't usually acknowledge.

Dexcom and now totally dead Cozmo
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