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Re: [IP] Flying with cold insulin

I travel extensively with insulin. If it is going to be a short time, a 
day, I just take it out of the fridge when I leave the house, and put it 
in the frigde when I get where I'm going.  If he is going to staying in 
a hotel make sure that the hotel can supply a mini fridge.  Most of the 
ones that dont' come standard in a room can supply one for medical 

If you do decided to travel with ice packs, don't use the soft gel 
packs.  I've done that twice and TSA doesn't like those.  I have never 
hard a problem with the hardplastic ice packs.  Don't ask me why because 
it is the same chemicals inside.  This is since the ban on liquids.


On 6/28/2011 4:36 AM, Mary Donovan wrote:
> Hello all,
> On July 5 Dan will be leaving for a summer-long internship in San Francisco.
>   He's going to take some supplies with him and we'll ship some.  We are
> wrangling with the insurance company about getting insulin pens as a pump
> backup -- they don't want to pay for them because they are already covering
 > the vials he uses for his pump. He still has pens from the days when they did
> cover them, and I'm starting to think he should just take those.
> My question is, how does he keep them cold on the plane?   We could put them
 > in the luggage with some cold packs, I guess, but I'm not sure how hot it
> in the cargo hold. And I doubt they'd allow a cold pack on a carry-on?  Would
> they allow a frio?  Though for us, frios have kept things cool but not cold.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> MaryMom of Dan, 20, dx 01 pumping 03 dexcom 09
> .
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