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[IP] pump case problem

I have been using a MM  insulin pumps for the past 15 years.  When I had MM
507 and MM 508, they came with a clip on the back of the pump.  I then used a
leather case which fit over the pump with an opening for the  clip on the
outside which I wore on my waistband.  It was perfect.  The pump was keep
clean, safe and secure.  It fit very close to the body and was hardly
noticeable.  Then came the MM 722 and now the MM Revel.  These pumps do not
come with a flush clip on them.  For the MM 722 I ordered a leather case which
came with a leather covered clip on the outside of the case.  The leather on
that clip split open and it did not fit after that.  I had to order several of
them over the 4 years I had that pump.  Now I have the MM Revel and the
current leather case comes with a swivel clip on the back of it.  It is a big
bulky thing and looks terrible under clothing.  I have now tried the plastic
holster thing which secures the pump but
 the pump is not at all protected if it falls.  I want some case thing that
clips on to the waistband which fits snug to the body.  

MM should have just left the clip on the pump and a case would have fit snugly
over it and all the bulky problems would have been avoided.  The clip could be
removed if someone wanted to.  

After 15 years, I feel like I am going backwards.

Any ideas?

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