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Re: [IP] End of my Cozmo

My Cozmo is on its deathbed too, and I am so upset!  None of the pumps out
there seem to be as good... which is rediculous since I got my Cozmo 4 years
ago, you would think there would be better options out there.  I am glad to
hear you are leaning toward the Spirit.  I have been hesitating between the
Spirit and Minimed for a week now, kind of leaning that way but sure.
Thanks for the input, I think I will go with my gut feeling and go with the

Julie Murphy
On Jun 27, 2011 2:38 PM, "Maryle Ashley" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My Cozmo is at death's door. It has the electronic failure problem where
> starts making the European ambulance sound. All I can do to stop that is
> off the battery cap until it loses connection. Then I put the battery cap
> and it goes through start up. It may run for 1, 3, 20 minutes or sometimes
> before it starts alarming again.
> When I was under warranty, Smiths would replace it immediately when this
> happened. In fact this occurred about 3 days before my warranty expired
> December. Now being on Medicare and out of warranty, I am beginning a new
> to getting a replacement.
> I appreciated the recent discussions on this list about other pumps and
> getting a pump on Medicare.
> I am leaning to the Spirit because of my high priority for a 3 minute
> delivery and needing more than 12 basal segments. I never thought I would
> back to Roche after the poor treatment I had from them with my Disetronic
> But when the chips are down, it is the basic functions I need, not bells
> whistles. Leaving the Cozmo is a step backward, but I have to accept that
> any of the pumps and just let go of those nice to have features.
> So with a big swallow, I say goodbye to my Cozmo. (I am hoping it will
> along until I get a replacement.)
> Maryle
> Dexcom and ??pump
> .
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