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Re: [IP] Dr Faustmann

It makes my blood boil when I see idiocy like this. The CEO of JDRF has a
child with diabetes. Many of the employees and most of the volunteers have
children or other family members or friends who have endured this disease.
This grassy knoll conspiracy nonsense, borders on libel, and is an insult to
those who have sacrificed in hope of a cure.

Furthermore, JDRF provided funding for Faustmann in the past, and if you
search, you will find a letter from Faustmann herself which acknowledges this

Finally, your "number on our wrists" reference is loathsome insult to the
members of my family who died in the death camps, and even more to the few who
survived and bear those scars today.

Please keep your paranoid ravings to yourself.

Regards, David M. Grey

Re: [IP] Dr Faustmann

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The people on this site like the ADA and the JDRF don't care about a cure.
ADA and JDRF are more worried about collecting money to keep themselves
employed, or registering us so we can get a number on our wrists. They didn't
 support Dr Faustmann. The people on this site are only concerned about the
new pump and cgm or an artificial pancreas. They don't care about a cure. I
been following Her for 5 years, waiting for them to release the drug that is
already being used for many other thing including certain types of cancers.
could make our people in Washington get this passed through if we banded
together and all lobbied them for a quick approval, but that would mean every
one would have to work to this end.
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