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Re: [IP] "rainbow" vision /Star Trek Alien ship

 I used to see this little thing that had a little glow to it. It reminded me of
one of the alien spaceships on Spock's Star Trek. And now with hypo-unawareness
I don't see it any more.
Beam me up Scotty!  
Jim Durr, Ogdensburg, NY
On Jun 26, 2011, at 4:13 AM, vdr jean wrote:

 > I do not see "overexposed" white light, but it's a little bit difficult for
> to read when I am under 70 : I have to re-read lines. I relate it to the
 > sophisticated micro eye movements needed for reading. It's a sure low BG
> for me. I can use it if I doubt I am OK. I guess the brains , when low in
 > (sugar) fuel, disconnects what's "not important" first. I am not an expert,
> I guess controlling the "aperture" of the eye to avoid too much light might
 > imply a sophisticated retroactive muscular movement too. I am a little bit
> wondering about the "rainbow effect". It sure is worth investigating a little
 > bit, especially if laser surgery has already been needed (which is my case,
> I do not see rainbows when low. - Must be a nice picture, though !)
 > I think one should experiment and search a little bit around the impact of
> BG on one's sophisticated bodily functions (like vision, hearing, body weight
> and temperature, you name it). It might give one a set of new indications and
 > "self tests" in order to get early warnings of a low. I for sure managed to
> a quantity of costly bg tests that way : if I suspect I am low for whatever
 > reason, I do a quick reading test to have another evidence of a low, then
> (not avertreat it of course..) it if positive. Then I have another try at
> reading small types in the next hour.
> Jean Debefve in Belgium
> Le 25 juin 2011 ` 02:58, Laura Shapiro a icrit :
>> 60 or below, cant see for the white light all over the room....then it turns
>> into a blob which I fondly call Ms. Pacman......
>> wacka wacka wacka.....
>> Laura in NM.
>> .
> .
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