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Re:[IP] Changing sites

> Another method some of us how found is to fill the cannula
>  with a more insulin I usually use 3-4 units to get the site started.

I think we are supposed to be very careful in advising medical practices. 
It's okay to tell what works for us, but YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) should 
always be attached. One unit will lower me 100 points in BG. Telling me to 
do the above would lower me 300-400 points. I used to go high after each 
site change.

The Sof-sets 42" I use recommend 0.5 units to fill the canula after the 
introducer needle is withdrawn. My endo told me to use 1.0 to fill it. I 
also change before a meal so I have a larger bolus to get it started. I 
leave the old set in for about 2-4 hours and test each hour for two hours. 
That way I have a starting point and can see the trending.

I leave a set in for 5 days (I use 25-30 U a day, depending on how many 
cherries in the pie)  and if I left the old set in an additional 2 days it 
would start to grow into the skin.

I'd sure hate to be responsible for advising someone to do what I do, not 
knowing their correction factor and other pertinent info. YMMV

Jan & Muskers- T-1 11/50, pmpg 8/83, hemodialysis 7/02 
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