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Re: [IP] with SSP, it's always an adventure....

Wow Sara.  What a way to spend your holiday in Europe.

I'm glad you are ok.

UK Mum to Jessica, (11 yrs), Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI), pancreas
removed at birth, pumping Medtronic VEO with full time sensors.  Also takes
digestive enzymes (Creon 25000).  Under UCLH, the bestest hospital in the UK
with fantastic care and support, also under GOSH for the CHI

HI websites :

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  Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 8:09 AM
  Subject: [IP] with SSP, it's always an adventure....

  So, a little trip report for ya.... Just back from 16 days
   in France and Italy.  4 days in Paris, doing the  tourist thang AGAIN
  along with the hordes...bleah. Then a train down to  the Cote d'Azur for
   a couple days in a little place called Cap d'Ail,  near Monaco. Then 4
  days in Ventimiglia, Italy...Then, last monday, this massive  headache
   hits. I think I am having a migraine and my sugars had been running a bit
  so i take some tylenol and stay
  out of the sun for a day. Tuesday it is worse, so my friend  brought me
  to her Italian doctor, who gave me some  codeine/ibuprofen - basically
  tylenol 3.  No charge for doctor visit,  $15 for prescription.

  Wednesday, I was no better, but I headed back to  Nice, and stopped in a
   pharmacy. The pharmacist sold me codeine  with caffeine over the
  counter, no prescription - i love europe.  Thursday, 4th day of head
  ache, I was feeling better so I went to  the beach, where I quickly
  sank...couldn't sit up, nauseous, short of  breath and the headache from
   hell, like an ice pick to the eye...or for  those of you who have had
  laser to the retina...yeah, JUST like that.  STABBING and throbbing...so
   the life guard called the firemen (slurp)  and they thought maybe there
   was something up with my thyroid cuz my eye was red and a bit puffy

  So, they hoisted me off the beach (250 stairs up to the street)
   in a  chair, a la Cleopatra, stopping along the way to let me take a
  photo of  their biceps.....I was whisked off to Princess Grace Hospital
  in Monaco,  where i was told in French, I had acute glaucoma and needed
  laser  surgery but they couldn't do it til I stopped writhing in
  pain...Sooooo,  they admitted me, shot me full of IV drugs all night to
  bring the  pressure in my right eye down (it was 45!!!!). Friday
  morning, I am  feeling much better and can hold still, do they laser
  three small holes  in my iris...I feel water pouring down my
  cheek...Instant Relief.  Pressure is now 11 iin both eyes.

   morning, I went back to the beach and picked up my vacation.   Just got
   back to the states on Monday....Won't be home til the 8th, but  my eye
  doc in Tucson says everything sounds par....So what caused THIS, i  am
  wondering. I don't have glaucoma, or hadn't and I just saw my retina
  guy!!  I have had two vitrectomies and a cataract, but the French
  doctor said this was not related.....Fun fun fun.....

  The nurses and
  doctors let me manage my own diabetes...never even considered hooking me
   up to a saline drip, let me administer my own bolus' - had fun doing
  the math for mg to mmol conversion, and were basically very impressed at
   how flat lined i was keeping my blood sugars.  definitely higher than
  normal, but no bounces, which is the way I prefer it.....

  So what did YOU do on your summer vacation???

  Sara Smarty Pants
  Type One Diabetes Does Not Win - see THIS for living proof!
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